Multiple Research Approaches

Multiple Research Approaches

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches (ISSN 1834-0806) is an international peer-reviewed journal for timely publication of global research, scholarship, educational, researcher and practitioner perspectives on multiple, hybrid (outcome of unusual blending), synergistic (combined effect), integrated and cultural research approaches (be these Indigenous, institutional, or community based) including the Asian, Arctic, Pacific, Latin American and African regions, as well as European and North American.

The journal's primary focus is effectively to combine various theoretical frameworks, methodologies, media and methods to address current research questions appropriately.

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International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches covers:

  • Multiple, hybrid, synergistic, integrated, cultural, mixed qualitative and quantitative empirical research approaches
  • Theoretical and conceptual articles on methodological and ethical dilemmas and advances
  • Critical perspectives and proposals for the management of technical issues (eg, software development and data handling, applications of multiple and mixed media approaches)
  • Discussion of the philosophical issues, practical problems and benefits associated with multiple, hybrid, synergistic, integrated and cultural approaches including theoretical frameworks, methodologies, data collection, management and analysis methods, performative and mixed media, and the different forms of transformation and representation
  • Literature reviews - including those from theses - on methodological trends/advances
  • Articles on methodology education, media, technologies and learning techniques
  • Practitioner perspectives, experiences from the field, mixed media and case applications of methodologies and results

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches publishes traditional academic research articles, research design, case applications, literature reviews, approaches to teaching and learning, software advances and constraints, practitioner perspectives and advice for novice researchers.

Original articles informing multiple and mixed methodological research and practice are encouraged from a range of disciplines - including all health sciences, biosciences, social sciences, anthropology, criminology, Indigenous and cultural studies, business studies, development studies, archaeology, psychology, education, media, performative arts, political science, organisational science, geography and history, literature and engaged humanities.

Manuscripts should be submitted according to the journal's Author Guidelines.

Please address special issue proposals to the Editor, Professor Carol Grbich.

Please address books and software for review to Professor Colin A Holmes.

Third parties may advertise or insert flyers in the journal, including reciprocal promotions; please address enquiries to info @

Editor-in-Chief Book Reviews Editor
Prof. Carol Grbich Prof. Colin Holmes

Special Issues

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches publishes one regular issue of feature articles and two topic-based special issues per annum. Special issues are listed in the right column on this page.

Special issues are also released as books with their own ISBN for use as course readers or separate sale to non-subscribers. Evaluation copies of all special issues are available to Course Coordinators from the publisher at: subscriptions @




Price and Availability

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches is available as an 'online plus print-on-demand' subscription. Institutional subscribers receive access to all current and back issues online through Atypon Premium for the subscription year. Supplementary print copies may be ordered directly from eContent Management.  Multicampus, multiuser licenses and single user password access may be arranged by subscribers through their subscription agent or with the publisher. Online access is available to subscribers through EBSCOhost, SwetsWise, ProQuest, CNPIEC and CELDES.

Pay per View (PPV) access for individual articles is available from Atypon Premium. Special issues are available in hardcopy for seperate sale (e.g., as course readers) directly from eContent Management. Significant discounts apply for books bought in bulk and for students. Special issues are also available as eBooks online from Ebook Library to institutions and from to individuals.

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Copyright Ownership

To track copyright compliance each article has been assigned a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Copyright in all back volume, current and submitted material to International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches (ISSN 1834-0806) is vested in eContent Management Pty Ltd - in any medium, form, combination or format. Permission to reproduce material from the International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches journal, which falls outside the provisions of the Australian Copyright Act 1968, should be sought from the copyright owner at: info @

International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches (ISSN 1834-0806) is owned and distributed exclusively by eContent Management Pty Ltd (ABN 87 091 432 567)

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