Volume 5 Issue 1 - 2011

Mixed Methods Research in the Health Sciences

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002-006 Editorial: Dinner is served: A full course of multiple research approaches for your health sciences methodological appetite
Michael D Fetters
007-024 Writing publishable mixed research articles: Guidelines for emerging scholars in the health sciences and beyond
Nancy L Leech, Anthony J Onwuegbuzie, Julie P Combs
025-039 Where there is no gold standard: Mixed method research in a cluster randomised trial of a tool for safe prioritising of patients by medical receptionists
Sally J Hall, Christine B Phillips, Phillip Gray, Amanda Barnard, Kym Batt
040-051 Can focus groups be used for longitudinal evaluation? Findings from the Medellin early prevention of aggression program
Michael Ungar, Luis F Duque, Dora Hernandez
052-063 Beyond the ceiling effect: Using a mixed methods approach to measure patient satisfaction
Sharon Andrew, Yenna Salamonson, Bronwyn Everett, Elizabeth J Halcomb, Patricia M Davidson
064-075 Designing mixed methods studies in health-related research with people with disabilities
Thilo Kroll
076-088 INHospital study: Do older people, carers and nurses share the same priorities of care in the acute aged care setting?
Louise D Hickman, Patricia M Davidson, Esther Chang, Lynn Chenoweth
089-103 Integrating qualitative and quantitative research approaches via the phenomenological method
William Paul Fisher, A Jackson Stenner
104-121 Factors to drive clinical practice improvement in a Malaysian intensive care unit: Assessment of organisational readiness using a mixed method approach
Kim Lam Soh, Patricia M Davidson, Gavin Leslie, Michelle DiGiacomo, John X Rolley, Kim Geok Soh, Aisai Bin Abd Rahman
122-138 Child protection workers: What they do
Rebecca O'Reilly, Lauretta Luck, Lesley Wilkes, Debra Jackson
139-143 Epilogue: From 'should we be?' to 'how are we': Moving forward with mixed methods health research
Sharon Andrew, Elizabeth J Halcomb

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