Volume 5 Issue 3 - 2011

Mixed Methods Research in Business and Management

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286-289 Editorial: Mixed methods research in business and management
Roslyn Cameron, José F Molina-Azorín
290-300 Moving beyond the qualitative-quantitative distinction: Some innovative methods for business and management research
Branka Krivokapic-Skoko, Grant O'Neill
301-317 Informing regulatory reform in Australian industry through mixed research: A post-hoc evaluation of research design
Tania von der Heidt
318-333 Three component stakeholder analysis
Robbert Anton Kivits
334-350 Researching sensitively without sensitizing: Using a card sort in a concurrent mixed method design to research trust and distrust
Mark N K Saunders
351-366 Tracking employees' twists and turns: Describing a mixed methods approach to assessing change in the psychological contract
Sarah Bankins
367-386 Geographic information systems: A mixed methods spatial approach in business and management research and beyond
Jason G Frels, Rebecca K Frels, Anthony J Onwuegbuzie
387-402 Mixed method research designs: A case study of their adoption in a doctor of business administration program
Peter John Miller, Roslyn Cameron

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