Volume 6 Issue 3 - 2012

Mixed Methods Research in Education

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190-191 Foreword: Moving forward from discourse to practice
Rebecca K Frels
192-219 Introduction: Putting the MIXED back into quantitative and qualitative research in educational research and beyond: Moving towards the 'radical middle'
Anthony J Onwuegbuzie
220-232 Research method in education: The frame by which the picture hangs
Johannes Lodewikus Van der Walt, Ferdinand Jacobus Potgieter
233-244 When numbers don't add up and words can't explain: Challenges in defining disability in higher education
Maja Miskovic, Susan Gabel
245-263 How does student-directed assessment affect learning?: Using assessment as a learning process
Anna Katarina Fletcher, Greg Shaw
264-284 Educational effectiveness of an intervention programme for social-emotional learning
Mary Kathryn Sheard, Steven Ross, Alan Cheung
285-296 Teacher locus of control: Identifying differences in classroom practices
Loraine Dale Cook
297-313 Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods: An analysis of research design in articles on principal professional development (1998-2008)
Oksana Parylo
314-331 Exploring the role of the mixed methods practitioner within educational research teams: A cross-case comparison of the research planning process
Cheryl-Anne Poth
332-342 Epilogue: Is mixed research science? Empirical evidence from the field of educational research
Kathleen M T Collins

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